As the global leader in communications for small and medium enterprises, Avaya provides solutions that meet the needs, budgets, and evolving requirements of small to midsize enterprises.


Communicating at the speed of business … without breaking stride!

Business moves at an ever faster rate. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is the tool that enables faster decision making.

A single UC&C platform brings all your communications together – desk phone, mobile phone, messaging and presence.


Simplicity without Compromise: A robust, multichannel contact center solution, fully integrated with the Avaya IP Office™ Platform

Avaya Contact Center Select is a context-sensitive, multichannel contact solution that enables businesses to improve customer experiences, increase customer lifetime value and revenue,  anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions while improving agent efficiency to reduce cost. 


We are there to support and lead your projects in an efficient manner. Our core aim is to imply a unique and instant solution by understanding Your Key Deliverables & Identify if any gaps (if any). Review the Design and Upgrade/Migration plan with different teams involved. Follow-up daily, provide status and updates on the progress. SPOC, to assist the Project Manager and the implementation Team throughout the project life cycle stage. Onsite Presence for Technical Coordination and do Workshops (the team will assist). Draft and Review HLD, LLD and Project Workbook for Implementation. To validate the outcome of the provided Service, the Supplier will provide the following to the Project Manager.


Avaya Resident Engineers of NextBridge Solutions are available for annual onsite engagements and provide highly customized operational assistance to your organization. Bringing the most specialized skills in the industry to your company, the Resident Engineer focuses on all technical aspects of your Avaya products. Because they work daily alongside your staff at your location, Resident Engineers become thoroughly familiar with your unique processes and requirements, your product specific configurations and challenges, and your staff’s strengths and limitations. This means that our Resident Engineer can help you avoid many product-related issues before they arise—and is fully prepared to help resolve issues quickly when they do occur. The Resident Engineer also assists with deployment of Avaya’s equipment, post cutover activities, and day-to-day operations.


NextBridge Solutions Project Management Team can be utilized by any Avaya Business Partner or End Customer for on-time delivery of Avaya Projects. We will  implement project management processes and, in collaboration with you, identify the appropriate level of PM disciplines for your Projects. We apply our best-in-class Project Management Maturity Model  to determine the level of PM expertise is required to manage your project. We provide the roadmap for improvements and work with you to develop the implementation plan proactively while we are engaged in your projects.

Without a well-defined information gathering and analysis structure for project reporting, the execution of PM will produce disappointing results. NextBridge Solutions Project Management Team will work with you to customize and implement our five-level reporting model. The analysis includes productivity, resource management, customer satisfaction, macro-categorization comparisons, ROI, and more; all customized to assist you in managing the demands of your unique business. Plan your success, measure it, and manage it.